The Story Behind the Name The Everyday Lemonade


Long before Queen Bey (Beyonce) made lemonade the most talked about drink, the proverbial phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," existed... since lemons are thought to be sour while lemonade is thought to be sweet.  The phrase has been used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. Ultimately, the phrase means if and when you are going through bad times in life, make the best of that situation.

What a perfect way to inspire people than to highlight that she made lemonade from a life of lemons. "She made lemonade" is awesome because in life we should always strive to make the best of any adverse situation but what about when we're not going through adversity -- then what? 

Do we stop making lemonade? 

No, of course not! 

We should always strive to live our best life, pursue our passion and purpose, and encourage an optimistic, can-do attitude even when we're not facing adversity or misfortune. Throughout life's journey, we're guaranteed to be handed a few lemons along the way. But, while life does give us lemons every once and a while, on the flip side of that narrative are the moments when we're given blessings without adversity, the everyday lemonade. 

So, I propose that we not only celebrate our lemons-to-lemonade stories but we make, serve, drink and celebrate the everyday lemonade too. Because we don’t wait for life to give us lemons to make lemonade. We are The Everyday Lemonade.


We don’t wait for life to give us lemons to make lemonade.
— The Everyday Lemonade

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The Everyday Lemonade

we don't wait for life to give us lemons to make lemonade