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We don't wait for life to give us lemons to make lemonade...


About Us

Through a series of portraits, interviews, and events, The Everyday Lemonade features and connects inspirational women of color who are creatives, entrepreneurs, or simply magic makers in their career or passion because representation matters. We aim to inspire people -- particularly women of color -- to discover, pursue, & thrive in their passion & purpose. Let's make lemonade. 🍋


The Story Behind the Name

Long before Queen Bey (Beyonce) made lemonade the most talked about drink, the proverbial phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," existed...

Meet the Team

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Gina Lancaster


I created a space about extraordinary, black women because representation matters. I'm continuously inspired by women of color who are thriving in their passion(s) and purpose. Through this platform, I hope these women inspire you to live and thrive in your passion and purpose.

:: Leanila Baptiste Photography


Richeen Palmer


For 10 plus years, she's been keeping you in the know  on where to go with her former entertainment platform, The District Insider. With a background in journalism and media, Richeen brings a passion for storytelling and keeping you in the know.

The Everyday Lemonade Editor Richeen The District Insider Palmer
The Everyday Lemonade Student Ambassador Howard University Maia 150 Bison


Student contributer | founder, 150 bison 

As an incoming freshman to the 2021 class of Howard University (HU), Maia began hitting the ground running before class even started. She's the founder of 150 Bison, a social media platform dedicated to connecting the 2021 HU class. She started the platform as a way to connect and inform students prior to the start of their freshman year.


Jean Jackson

student CONTRIBUTOR | Videographer

A film major with skills in front and behind the camera, Jean is a YouTuber, songtress and writer hailing from Memphis Tennessee. She is also a proud member of the 2021 Class of Howard University (#HU21). She brings her flair for capturing creative visuals to the team. Check out some of her work on her YouTube channel.


Makeila NeVette

student  contributor | photography 

Makeila (Kei) wears many hats -- she's a member of the 150 Bison team, HER Campus Howard team, and still manages to find time to run her photography business. She is also a student of the 2021 Class of Howard University (#HU21) and a contributing photographer for The Everyday Lemonade.


Tye Coffey

Student contributor | videography 

Tye is a Sociology major and Afro-American Studies minor from Sacramento, California. She found her passion for film during her freshman year of high school, and since then, she spends much of her time building her portfolio for a future career in the film industry. She's currently the Director of Film for 150 Legends. Check out her work on her YouTube channel, thecoffeystop

Howard University HU21 Student Tye Coffey

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